First Masses, old and new

On Friday, June 29, His Excellency the Most Rev. Robert Morlino will be ordaining three seminarians of the diocese to the Holy Order of the priesthood. The following morning, one of those men — the Rev Peter Lee — will offer his Fist Holy Mass as a Solemn High Mass (TLM/EF) in the presence of … [Read more…]

Ascension Thursday 2018

Ascension Thursday is on May 10 this year. In addition to the usual daily Mass schedules, there will be an evening Missa Cantata at SMPB, as well as some others throughout the diocese. Please contact us if you would like us to add others as well to this list.   Location: St Mary’s Pine Bluff … [Read more…]

Holy Week schedules

We are now in Passiontide. The statues have been veiled. Psalm 42 and the Gloria Patri are now omitted. Next Sunday we commemorate Our Lord’s entry into Jerusalem with Palm Sunday, and enter into the most sacred week of the Church’s year. Holy Week TLM schedules in the Diocese of Madison: At St Mary’s Pine … [Read more…]

Pontifical Requiem for Jacek Cianciara

Please pray for former TMSM Board member Jacek Cianciara, who entered into eternal life on Monday, February 12. His Excellency the Most Rev Robert Morlino will celebrate a Pontifical Requiem Mass at the Throne for Jacek on Friday, February 16, 11:00 AM at St Mary’s Pine Bluff. Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine Et lux perpetua … [Read more…]