Triduum 2018 Photos

Resurrexit sicut dixit! Happy Easter! Here are some photos from the Triduum (and Easter morning) liturgies at St Mary’s Pine Bluff:


Holy Thursday – solemn transfer of the Blessed Sacrament

Holy Thursday – stripping the altar

Good Friday – prostration

Good Friday – Ecce Lignum Crucis

Good Friday – Veneration of a relic of the True Cross

Vigil – blessing the Paschal candle

Vigil – Lumen Christi

Vigil – Exultet

Vigil – first Lesson

Vigil – first part of the Litany

Vigil – blessing the baptismal water

Vigil – renewal of baptismal promises

Vigil – second part of the Litany and preparing the altar for Mass

Vigil – Elevation

Easter morning