GoFundMe: Red Pontifical Set


As part of our ongoing efforts to support the celebration of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Diocese of Madison, we will be purchasing a red pontifical set. Our last pontifical set, which was purchased with the help of donations, and we are currently fundraising for a red set in a similar style.

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As a reminder, Your donations for the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison (501(c)(3)) are tax deductible.

Violet chasuble

A picture of our new violet set, our past fundraising project.

The style of our new set will be quite similar to the following set from Washington DC. Your assistance is most appreciated to support the mission of the TMSM! This will allow us to have both solemn and pontifical Masses on major feasts of the year, such as Pentecost or Sts. Peter and Paul.

A full Pontifical Set typically includes:

– Chasuble with stole, maniple, burse, veil
– Four dalmatics with 1 stole and 2 maniples. (They might squeeze extra stoles from the fabric.)
– Humeral veil
– Cope and stole
– Antependium
– Gremial
– Fabric and trim for tabernacle veil.